Bateau Rouge / Stockholm

In the Air / Stockholm

Marine Blue / Miami

North Beach.

Cobalt / Miami


White Swing / Canada

Niagara Falls.

Life at the Edge / Grand Canyon

West Rim.

Crossing Moods / San Francisco

From left: Indifference, Anger, Absent-mindedness, Curiosity, Nonchalance.

Pink Gate / San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge.

U.S. Route 1 / California

MAN.Ink.In / New York


Dynamic Thinking / New York

Contemplation / Central Park

New York.

Retail Space for Rent / New York

From time to time, tilting perspectives is strongly advised.

12.56 / New York

Indifference of Nature / Éphesos


Byzantine Lifeblood / New York

Where is love? / Photostory

“Where is love?”, she asked him, fiercely. They had just had sex. He did not answer. “Where is it?! I don’t see it anywhere”, she said. He was impassible. “Why are you so cryptic? Let’s be honest: it’s just attraction, it’s mere necessity.” She didn’t realize it, but she was lying. His quietness was irritating, and a surreal silence suddenly became noise. After some seconds, without turning his head he whispered: “Come here, look.” “What should I look at?” “Here”, he said, pointing at something beneath the leaves. When she saw the two hanging grapes, she was even more furious. “What should I do with this grapes?” “Darling, these grapes… Gravity is working against them, and they don’t know how much this instant will last. But this is not disuniting them. They take each others’ hands and stand together, more indivisible than ever before. They are truly seizing this moment, hugging each other even more intensely and appreciating all the nuances of the warmth of complicity. That’s where I see love: in the beauty of fragility.” “So we are like these grapes?”, she asked. “No, we are much luckier than them, because gravity is not working against us. But, for this very reason, we do not perceive how fragile these moments are, so we live in the illusion of not needing love. We satiate our human needs, and then lock ourselves back in our shiny armors of selfishness.” “You saw all this story in the grapes?”, she asked, with feeling oscillating between anger and frustration. “No, darling. I see this in your eyes. If you can’t put your heart into someone else’s hands, you will never perceive your human vulnerability to a reasonable extent. You will never feel emotively naked and transparent and, from that moment on, unapologetically free. Alive for the very first time.” He stopped for two seconds. “You know, darling… Choosing love as a life paradigm is an enormous bet, but I think it’s tremendously worth it.” And pronouncing these last words, he gave just one last glance at the grapes and then turned his attention to her. He studied all the details he loved, almost like a scientist trying to impress a rarely observable phenomenon into his memory. The mole on her lips, the glasses she wore, the light in her green eyes. He serenely smiled, and then he left, to not come back.

Focus / Éphesos