Hi. I'm Jacopo.

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Art has always played a fundamental role in my life. Since the very beginning of my childhood, I developed a strong interest in music. I had the chance to study a variety of instruments including piano, drums and guitar, as well as music composition. In parallel, I started cultivating other passions like video making and photography. This background has a profound impact on the way I think and work.



I have always been insanely intrigued by technology. This curiosity, whose first expression was disassembling computers of all kinds at 8 years old, quickly became a passion. From coding to curating social media strategies, from imagining wearable and AI applications in healthcare to web design. Lately, I came to realise that technology is not enough: I believe the real magic happens when art meets technology. Quoting John Lasseter, “Technology inspires art, and art challenges the technology.”



What drives me most is the possibility to positively impact peoples’ lives. I see business, supported by technology, as the catalyst to accomplish this goal on a large scale. The commitment to make a meaningful difference is the very reason why I chose business school. This does not mean that every business undertaking must be aimed at changing the world. Yet, this concept helps defining the fundamental question I ask myself at the beginning of every new project: how is this creating value for people? This approach translates into my commitment to pro-bono consulting for non-profits & social enterprises and into a keen interest in healthcare-related technologies.



I love sharing ideas, engaging people and presenting stories. In one word, I love communicating. A great keynote presentation has the incredible power to make people dream. Is there anything more thrilling? I also like merging very different means of communication to create unique experiences. Photo-stories on Project Life exemplify this idea.



My passions for art, technology and communication seamlessly converge in marketing. For this reason, I started working on small marketing projects focusing on branding and digital strategies since the beginning of my studies. During these projects, I noticed that many companies happen to manage digital and physical advertising strategies completely separately. In some cases, absurd inconsistencies can be found even between different digital channels. I am convinced this approach is completely wrong. Indeed, I believe that using all marketing channels – both physical and digital – as a consistent and holistic response to the same communication strategy can result in much more effective campaigns.


Where technology disappears.

Smart technologies can truly improve, inspire and empower peoples' lives. But really smart technologies do all of this without even looking like technology. Indeed, I believe the most vibrant expression of technology lies where technology itself "disappears", leaving the stage to the things we care the most. The gentle and unobtrusive touch of Apple Watch guiding a mindfulness exercise, the intimacy of surfing the web with iPad, the familiarity of “knocking” with Google's Duo app, the ability to connect with your friends and family wherever you are using Facebook. These are just some examples of this very approach. My dream is to work to create an experience of this kind.

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